Best Ways to Unpack Your Belongings after Moving

moving boxes in new house. real estate concept.

Moving is exhausting; all the packing and getting your items to your new house will leave you feeling beat. Then comes the unpacking – it too is a huge task. Where do you begin? The first thing you should do is check to make sure that all your boxes are present. If any are missing or has been broken you should contact the moving company right away so that they can compensate you. It is always best to hire a moving company that will help you get all your furniture in place. All you will be left to deal with are the details. Make sure that all boxes go in the right rooms. 
The major question on most people’s minds is which room they should start with first. There are 2 rooms that should be a priority especially if you have small children – the kitchen. The kids will be hungry and tired by the end of your move so if you can get the kitchen and one of their bedrooms set up right away you will get them out of the way so that you can start unpacking. The kitchen will take some time to organize so take out only the items that you need to feed everyone. A bedroom isn’t very hard to set up – get the box with beddings and make a couple of beds ready. The rest of the stuff you can take care of once you are settled in. 
You can then go through the rest of the rooms making sure to put everything in the right place – you don’t want to come back. You shouldn’t try to tackle more than one room at a time – it becomes overwhelming and even quit before you are done. You want to unpack as efficiently as possible. To do that you need to stay focused so do whatever it is you do that makes you feel focused. You should also avoid procrastination – there is always that one box that you don’t want to deal with until later but you shouldn’t. Deal with it when you get to it. 
You need to deal with all the pacing materials. There are some boxes that you need to dispose and there are those that you may want to hold on to. Any cartons that need to be disposed should be flattened and left near the recycle bin – the garbage truck will pick them up. You should also ball up all the newspapers, put them in garbage bags and dispose at the recycle bin. Bubble wrap is reusable so fold all the pieces neatly and place them in one of the cartons that you saved. 
It is better to clean up as you go along. It can be overwhelming to try and clean up the house after you have everything in place. By cleaning rooms as you unpack you will finish the job once and for all. 
One last tip – do not think about unpacking as a punishing chore – it will only make it harder to do. You should instead think of it as fun. You can take breaks in between if you feel tired.