Storing Your Belongings When Moving Out
woman at storage facility
It is not always that people move into bigger homes; sometimes finances mean that a move is to a smaller home. It even may be that they don’t need a lot of space any more – the kids have grown up and left. Moving to a smaller homes means that you will not have enough space for all your items. This doesn’t mean that you should part with items that you treasure – you can easily store them and decide what to do with them at a future date. The best way to store items is in a storage container.
Storage containers are a cheap and convenient way to store items. Most of them charge by the months but they don’t charge much. The best way to go about storing your belongings when moving out is to start by identifying the items that you want to store. First get rid of junk – every home has it and it takes up space. Junk is anything that you don’t treasure that you can you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Once you identify the items you can start boxing them up. Buy cartons at your local supermarket and make sure that they are in different sizes. You should also buy labels and markers so that you can label every box. 
Pack like items together so that labeling is easy. If you will be storing furniture wrap it in stretch wrap and make sure that it is well covered. You can invest in a tarp to throw over all the furniture just to be sure.
It is important that you look for a good storage facility. Security is important so make sure to find out how they guard containers. You should also find out what kinds of locks they have on individual containers. It is reassuring to know that your items are safe at all times. You should also look into whether or not the containers are weatherproof. If they are not condensation will form as the seasons change and by the time you get to your items they will be ruined. It is best to use a facility that has containers on ground level instead of stacked because it makes it easier to store and retrieve your possessions. 
As for the actual storage, you want to make the best use of the space in your computer so you should stack boxes. Place all furniture on one end of the container and leave the rest for the boxes. They should all be arranged with their labels facing outwards so that you can easily remove boxes when you need them. Don’t forget to leave some space between the boxes and the container – you want to be able to move around when you retrieve items. 
It can be very useful to use pallets when storing items in storage containers. Lifting boxes off the floor can help them stay dry in wet weather. Find out whether the facility you are storing with has them. If they don’t you can buy some – they are cheap.