How To Pack Your Stuff When Moving To A New House

guy and a girl organizing boxes to move


Moving can be a daunting task and packing, even more so. As if moving to an entirely new environment was not enough you also have to ensure you do not break anything or leave anything behind. It is quite a hustle to move, but if you decide t do it, it is better to do it right. Packing for a move is quite different for packing a few things for a trip. For starters, you are carrying everything you own and taking it with you. Here are a few tips on how to pack your possession for a move:

Use Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a vital resource for moving many items of different size. You can get cardboard boxes from a variety of places such as the supermarket, pharmacy or furniture store. Cardboard boxes are especially handy for compartmentalizing. You will be unloading a lot of things when you get to your new home, and it will be much easier if you can find the things quickly. Cardboard boxes also come in different shapes and sizes which is perfect for the myriad of things that a typical household possesses. They also limit the exposure of fragile items. Label the boxes so that it is easy to sift through your things. You can use markers or labels to differentiate boxes from each other. Wrap the goods inside the boxes using bubble wrap or newspapers to enhance their safety particularly for fragile goods.


Planning is the key to successful planning. It saves both time and effort. By planning, you can get the right amount of boxes, labels, and wrapping material. It gives you, the mover, a clear picture of what moving will be like and you can be more efficient. You can also decide what to get rid of before you start packing and you can either donate it to charity or set up a yard sale. The larger the house, the earlier the move should start planning the move. Planning ensures nothing vital is left behind, and you will not inconvenience the movers.

Pack Room by Room

Sounds simple. Yes, but it is often ignored. You will find people sticking things from different rooms into one box which often leads to confusion when unpacking. Packing from room to room is better for compartmentalization, and it will save you both time and effort when unpacking. With each room, you can start packing with the most necessary things so that they do not get left behind. You will also see which items are not needed and you can get rid of such stuff.

Fill Up the Boxes

The better you pack things into the boxes, the easier the move will be. More boxes take up more space which is vital particularly when hiring a moving vehicle. Make use of all the space you can find within a cardboard box. That way, you will spare yourself the extra charges of having to hire another vehicle if you have too much stuff. You will also be spared many trips with many boxes.