How to Pick Up and Move When On a Budget
man suffering back ache moving boxes in his new house
With the rising cost of living many families have to move on a budget. As it is, moving even when you have the money to hire movers is hard work. On a budget is that much more challenging. There are, however, some tips that you can use when you decide that you want to change homes on a budget. Let us start with packing since it is the most challenging chore when it comes to moving. You are going to need strongboxes or different sizes. Ordinarily you would buy them but since you want to move on a budget you should look for other ways of finding them. A good place to start is where you work. Every time they buy supplies such as paper and files they come in boxes. Find out if there are any left.
You can also find boxes in hospitals – they usually just throw them out so they will not have a problem giving them to you. The other good place to find boxes is in your local supermarket. Their supplies come in boxes that they are usually happy to give away. You should also start collecting old newspapers – it will help secure your delicate when they are in the boxes. You can get these from friends and family. 
Before you start packing make sure that you get rid of unnecessary items – it will cost you to move them. You can have a garage sale and then throw out whatever is left over. In case you are wondering what criteria to use to determine what items go, you should be looking at everything, including clothing, that hasn’t been used in the last 6 months. 
As for moving the items, you have 2 choices; you can move the items on your own in which case you will need to hire a truck, or you can hire a moving company. A DIY move will definitely cost you less but you should know that it is back-breaking work. You have to load everything, including heavy furniture, onto the truck by yourself. This can be daunting especially if you have a lot of possessions. It will also take you a long time – a move that could have been over in hours may end up taking days and it will leave you feeling disorganized. 
The option to use a mover will cost you money but it has payoffs. The first is that you have help so the only thing you need to do is pack. Also, your move will take a shorter time which means that you can get settled in your new home faster. 
There are movers out there who do budget moves. Shop for one of these and see what kinds of deals they have to offer. They may not help you do things like arrange your new home once the furniture arrives but they will transport it and make sure that it is inside before they leave.