Tips When Dropping Off Your Possessions When Moving
young delivery man with parcel near cargo truck. shipping service.
You have successfully packed all your belongings for your big move and the day is finally here. While packing is important, it is equally important how the items are dropped off in your new home without being scammed. If you will be using a mover you need to sit with whoever is supervising the crew and talk about what they should do once they get to your new home with your items. The success or failure of the drop off will be determined by how well you labeled your boxes. 
Each box that you pack should have 2 things on the label. The first is which room in the home it goes in and the second is what is in it. If you label everything properly the movers will know exactly where to put what. While rooms like the kitchen and the living room may be obvious, the rest of the home may not be. To avoid any confusion you should go to your new home and label the different bedrooms, the study, bathrooms and so on. Make sure to use labels that will not damage the doors when removed. The labels of the rooms should correspond to the labels on the boxes. 
As for furniture, it should be wrapped in stretch sheets and each item should have a label showing which part of the house it should go to. 
There are some movers who leave everything at the front of the new house and go – they consider their job done. This is no good as it creates backbreaking work for you. Look for a mover who will take everything into the house before they leave. They should bring in all the items, especially the heavy furniture and place it in the right rooms. There are some who even offer to help you organize for an extra fee. These can be very useful especially if you are busy and have to work during the week. 
Make sure that you understand what your moving company will and will not transport for you. There are many, for instance, who will not help you transfer toxic substances. Others will not help you move weapons, anything that is perishable and there are even some who don’t transport precious cargo such as art and pianos. If you work with a company like this you need to find alternative transport such as a van. Many moving companies will also not help you move anything that is perishable so plan to finish groceries in your pantry and everything from your fridge. 
When everything has been moved it is time for you to start unpacking. Start in the kitchen because that is the room that you will need the most. Once that is done you can move on to the living room and then unpack the rest of the rooms one by one. Do not try to do several rooms – it only adds to the confusion and that will slow you down. 
To make sure that you aren’t overwhelmed by unpacking you can invite friends and family and what better way to thank them than to have a big barbecue once everything is in its place!